Picture of four photos. First in Theo the puppet platypus holding Anno the pink Platypus toy. The second is a selection of different zips, the next is a zip up pencil case and the last is a zip on a green zoodie.

Using zips to pray for people who have stopped being friends

You will need: Any sort of zip! For example:
Just the zip
A pencil case with a zip
A zip up hoodie
Anything with a zip!

Do you have friends who have fallen out and they are no longer friends?

Are there people in your family who are arguing about something, and not talking (except for arguing and shouting)?

Maybe you have fallen out with someone, not talking to them or not playing with them any more.

It can make you feel sad, and sometimes cross.

The zip brings two sides together.

As you pull the zip open pray for the people who have fallen out with each other – tell God all about it.
Then close the zip and ask God to help bring those people back together as friends

Three pictures. One is a pencil case zip, another is a zip on a hooded top, the other a collection of zips not attached to anything

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