Being grateful and thankful is really important!

God is good and has a hand in many wonderful things.
Wonderful animals, astonishing insects, beautiful flowers and trees. Then there’s food, the people who live with us in our homes and the exciting things we have done, watched, read or listened to.

A colourful sketched line drawing of a child holding a picture they have drawn of a rainbow

There’s so much and it’s good to say a big thank you

When I feel grumpy, sad or anxious, I try to find or remember something I’m thankful for. It helps us to feel better, and reminds us that God is good and is with us no matter what we’re feeling like. I also try to find them when I’m happy so I can remember them when I’m sad.

As you do the prayer activities in the dropdown menu above, keep a note, a photo or a picture of what you have done.

Some people like to keep a book of thank yous. In the book you can list your thank yous by drawing a picture, glueing in a photo, or even writing if that’s your thing. You can store the thank you prayer activities in there too.
Some people don’t put them in a book, but fold them up and put them in a big decorated jar instead.
(And some people end up having lots of thank you jars!)

A colourful sketched line drawing of a child holding a picture of a house she has drawn.

However you store your thankyous, the idea is to be able to look at those happy memories, remember that God is good, and say thank you once again. The psalm writers did this a lot, and usually after they had told God all about how sad or scared they were – and remembering the good things God had done helped them a lot!

Happy praying!

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