We’ve all been there. A brain so foggy we just don’t know how or what to pray. But we feel the need to.

In my blog called ‘What Was I Praying‘ I ended with the suggestion that having something to touch or hold that would prompt a short prayer could be helpful. This challenged me to write down some ideas!

Here’s a couple to start you off (I’ll add more later). Remember that these are just ideas to use as a starting point – adapt them to suit you, or your child(ren):

A marble prayer for showing God in your life

Find a marble, one with a ribbon of colours going through the middle like the picture.

Keep it by your bed, where you have breakfast – or anywhere you will see it in a morning.

Pray as you hold the marble and look at the colours:
“Thankyou God for a new day, full of colour and life.
I pray that today I would be courageous in the way I think and act – showing Jesus is in my life, clear and bright like the colours in this marble”.

A selection of small marbles with one big marble. Each has a ribbon of colour in the middle of the glass.

A fidget popper prayer for the stressed or anxious.

You can buy a fidget popper in many online shops. Some are a square or circle with lots of rubberised bubbles, others are smaller with two or three. Mine is a key ring like the picture. They work like bubble wrap – but they don’t burst! (The bubble is only one side and pushes through to the other – when you push it back, it pops.)

Keep your fidget popper where you will see it in a morning.

Pray as you pop!
“Thankyou for this new day and thankyou that you promise to be with me in it.
Be with me in my worries, give me strength when I am afraid and remind me to trust you when anxiety rises.

A fidget toy that works like bubble wrap. This is on a key ring, is white with two rubberised bubbles - one orange and one green
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