Praise: Telling God how much you love Him and why. 

Cartoon drawings on an arrow and a chimpanzee.
The Arrow is surrounded by  words that describe God: Great,Holy, everywhere, loving, Big and kind.

Psalm 145 Verses 2-3: 

Every day I will praise you.
I will praise your name for ever and ever.

Lord, you are great. 

You are really worthy of praise.
No one can completely understand how great you are.

When you think about God, what makes you go ‘Wow, He’s awesome!’ or ‘He’s Amazing!’? 

Is it something He has made; like lions, giraffes, butterflies or humans?

Or maybe that He can hear everyone’s prayers at the same time, in different languages – and not get them mixed up! That amazes us!

Is there a wow word that you could use to describe God?

Big, powerful or kind?

Maybe you want to make up a word that you think describes Him, like ‘humunginormous’. 

This is going to be a loud shouting prayer, but if someone doesn’t like noisy things you can do this with a whisper instead. If you find speaking hard, make up an action for your word.

Remember one or two of the words or a sentence that you pondered and get ready to shout, whisper on sign them. For example, I love butterflies so my sentence was “You Made Butterflies and they’re all different!” Albert remembered the made up word “Humunginormous”

Ask someone to start the prayer by saying “Dear God,  you are awesome because….” Then everyone can shout, whisper or sign their word or sentence at the same time.

Then say amen.
It doesn’t mean “The End”, it means you agree with the prayers.

It might sound like a big mushy muddle of words, but remember – God can sort it out and understand!