Playing Card Prayers: Praying for people who help us.

You will need:

One suit from a pack of playing cards. (If you want the activity to last longer, add in more suits)

Quick moving hands when specific cards appear on the top of the pile!

What the Bible Says

1 Timothy 2:1

First, I want you to pray for
all people.
Ask God to help and
bless them.
Give thanks for them.


Today, we’re going to pray for people who help us and others.
Think about who helps you.
Your grown ups at home, your teacher, doctors and nurses, the people who serve you in shops or deliver things. Maybe even the people who collect our rubbish!
Who else can you think of?

Get Ready!

This activity is a bit like snap.

As your grown up deals the cards, you will need to look out for the Kings, Queens, Jacks and Aces.

As soon as you see these, put your hand on top like you would in a game of snap.

The person who puts their hand on the pile first says the prayer


If you see a King: Thank God that he will answer our prayers.

If you see a Jack or a Queen: Pray for the people we thought about – those who help others.

If you see an Ace – Pray for your grown ups!

Click on the download button for a printable copy of this prayer

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