Popping Prayers:
Dealing with the anger monster

You Will Need:
A pop up toy – one like the picture, a jack in the box or something similar.
If you don’t like things that move suddenly and without warning, or don’t have these, you can do this prayer by flicking or plucking an elastic band, hair tie/scrunchy or stretchy  toy.

From The Bible:
Scripture says, “When you are angry, do not sin.” Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.
Ephesians chapter 3 verse 26 (NIrV)

What makes you angry?
Have a chat with your grownups about that.
Do you get angry quickly and ‘explode’ like the pop up toy or a flicked elastic band, or does it take a while – slowly building up before you get really cross?

Sometimes if we’re worried, feeling poorly or a little stressed, we can start getting angry more quickly, and it only takes one small and silly thing to make our anger explode – we might jump up and yell, we might hit out or break something.

Some people get angry in a quieter way and won’t speak to people they would normally talk to.

The virus and all the changing rules might be making us get angry much more quickly than usual – this is normal.


​1. If you’re using a pop up toy:

Set the toy ready to pop and think about the times you lose your temper.

As you wait for it to pop, say sorry to God about losing your temper, and ask Him to help you find different ways to calm down and not get really angry.

After it has popped, pray for those people who have been upset because you got angry.​

2. If you’re using an elastic band, hair tie or scrunchy:

Stretch the band a few times (Don’t let go yet!)
As you do this think about the times you lose your temper.

Stretch it a bit more and say sorry to God about losing
your temper. Ask God to help you find different ways
to calm down and not get angry

Aim the band at the ceiling (not at people) – stretch it and let go! Now pray for those people who have been upset because you got angry.

If you prefer – just twang the band whilst it is stretched over your fingers, or stretch it over something and twang – we used a mug!

Children/Family Workers:
You can also do this with bendy stretchy toys like the ones in the picture. Just do the stretch and flick steps of praying in the same way you can with the elastic band!
Fun hint – If you warm them up in your hand, not only do they stretch better, but if you have polystyrene ceiling tiles, the toy will often temporarily stick on them. if you can do this, you can add an extra dimension to the prayer about ‘coming down again’.

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