A row of black pebbles with different coloured sticks of chalk in between each pebble

Scribble Stones: Saying sorry to God for doing the things that make Him sad.

You will need:

Some chalk (any colour will do!)
Some stones that the chalk will show up on.
Depending on your child/children may need a damp cloth too!


Psalm 86 verse 5:
Lord, you are forgiving and good.
You are full of love for all who call out to you.

We all do wrong things – this is what the Bible calls ‘Sin’. These things make God feel very sad, and it makes a big gap between Him and us. We need to say sorry about those things.

Because Jesus died on the cross, if we say sorry and mean it, God will forgive us. We won’t be punished by God, because Jesus took that punishment for us when He died. (That doesn’t mean our grown ups won’t tell us off though!)

cartoon children holding crosses that are as big or bigger than themselves.

But it’s even better than that. If we say sorry and mean it, God does more than forgive – he forgets. He chooses to never remember the things we have done
wrong! Isn’t that amazing!


Use the chalk to scribble on your stone.

Make it look really messy!


As you scribble, ask God to show you what you need to say sorry for. As things come to mind, say sorry to Him.
Then rub out the chalk with your fingers (use a tissue if you don’t like having messy fingers), and say thank you to God for forgiving you.

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