Who is Albert?

Albert is Kay’s puppet. He is a chimpanzee and has been with her for more than 30 years. He is Allergic to bananas but loves beef burgers. (Yes I know he’s a puppet – but children love a back story!)

He has been everywhere with Steve and Kay and was best known in Whizz Kids at Spring Harvest, where Kay and her Hubby led the 5-7’s work for over 14 years.

Photo of a Chimpanzee Puppet. He's wearing a waist coat

Why Arrows?

When Kay worked with Scripture Union, her mentor used arrows to explain prayer to children. With permission, we took that idea and expanded it. We used the final resource all over the place and often received requests for a resource for others to use.

So, we produced Albert’s Prayer Arrows in a little book with the help of Spring Harvest, and a friend (Neil Crook) who did the fabulous art work for us – based on the Puppet.

The book is very basic – a Bible verse, a three line explanation and of course – the wonderful pictures. We would do the booklet differently now, and probably add one more (lament), but they work well as a memory tool for children and adults alike.

A cartoon picture of Albert the Chimpanzee. He is wearing a blue waistcoat. He is standing next to an upward pointing yellow arrow. The arrow has words around it. the words are: Great, Holy, Everywhere, Loving, Big and Kind.

The activities seem quite ‘wordy’!

As I said, the little book just explained different aspects of prayer very simply. What we have done here is take it one step further and give an activity alongside.

We have done all of these with children aged 5 up to 11, and all coped. They would normally sit within a teaching session with lots of space to creatively explain what each arrow means – one per session.

The words on the website are for the grown ups to read to the children in their care, but children are more than welcome to read it themselves if they want to!

As the grown up, you know your children – we have never met them. So we need you to take those words and put them into a form your child(ren) will relate to and is within their own experience.

What about children with additional needs?

Yes, a few children may struggle – so it’s fine to just use the activity at a basic level. In time, we hope to do an easy read version of them.

But many children with additional needs are deep thinkers, including those with learning disabilities. We want them to have the opportunity to encounter Jesus through prayer in the same way any other child would, and not assume ‘they can’t’ just because they have an additional need or disability. These children might just surprise you in how they grasp the concepts.

You may want to take a week over each arrow and do the activity again in different ways.

As we set more up on the site, we will add other prayers on similar subjects that you can use during that week and link them to each arrow.

If you would like some of the booklets, we can send them for postage costs only.

Just use the contact page to order them.

A picture of three of the small prayer arrow booklets on a slatted table.

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