A Message from Theo Platypus

Update! Theo has arrived!
We need to get used to each other, and Theo needs to find his voice – but we hope he will be ‘helping’ us very soon.

A plush platypus puppet holding a pink platypus toy

Exciting News!

There’s going to be a new Platypus arriving sometime next year! And it’s very exciting.

I’m supposed to be a puppet, but I was designed for children to use, not someone who uses puppets for work. This means the boss is struggling to use me (she has wonky hands!)

Apparently I’m a little too podgy to move my neck and beak much, which is hard when I need to turn my neck to look at Kay and talk to her. It also means it’s hard for me to show people how to do creative prayer activities or help Kay tell stories! 

She say’s I’m perfect the way I am and she wouldn’t want to change me at all (and I agree with her).

So……Team Platypus have had a talk about what to do.

As a result of that chat, the boss (Kay) has asked One Way UK’s Creative Productions Workshop to make her a special platypus puppet that she can use properly!

Therefore, when the new Theo arrives, I will stay with Team Platypus, but let Him do the stuff on camera.
I’m very happy with this, and I’m looking forward to meeting him. But I’m going to need a new name – any ideas? Let us know if you have any suggestions.

I’m not sure If I’m supposed to tell you this or not….. so keep it a secret, but he’s going to be………PINK! Just like Anno, the smallest member of Team Platypus.

One Way UK’s Creative Productions Workshop will be starting work on the new Theo in January, and we will give regular updates on how things are going.

I’m soooo excited!

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