About Our Resources

A pink and furry platypus toy, looking into a plastic box with brightly coloured water beads in it

All of our prayer resources are for families to use together – whatever your family looks like.

We’ve been hearing that for many, family devotions have been a stressful step too far during lock-down, and that grownups in some households have lost some confidence in the area of nurturing faith at home.

We really hope this resource will help to rebuild confidence, be lots of fun to do, and help all who do them to grow in faith.

We have tried to make them broadly accessible for families who have children with additional needs – but with such a wide spectrum of additional needs, we appreciate that one or two may not work for individual children with specific needs.

Try to view the activities as a launch pad for your imagination! You can use them as written, or change them to fit how your family works. If you want some ideas to make them accessible to specific needs, do send us a message.

Many of these activities would work with small children’s groups too – but be aware of Covid rules as you choose them. I’ll be writing another post on using them safely with groups under the current restrictions – for example, blowing bubbles might not be a good idea!

Have fun!

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