A pink platypus puppet with a yellow beak
Praying & pondering with Theo the platypus (& other friends)
With fun activities the whole family can do, whatever age or ability
Using all sorts of things you may have or find ‘reasonably’ easily
A bubble lamp made from a lacquered metal in rainbow colours
Plus many ideas that can be used in church or children’s work

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  • Creating Accessible Prayer Activities
    [This article is aimed at children and family workers and volunteers, but may also be useful for grownups who want to do creative prayer with their own children] Do you want to create your own prayer resources? Or how about adapting resources you’ve found so they work for all abilities? Do it – you won’t […]
  • My Child Doesn’t Want To Join In
    There Are Many Reasons Why You are not alone in this, and there could be one (or two) reasons why a child won’t want to join in.They will rarely be doing this on purpose, and sometimes we may need to be subtle detectives to find out why. The most important advice I can give is […]
  • A Pondering Place
    Depending on whether you went to church or not as a child, and if you did -the ‘flavour’ of church you grew up in, you will view the idea of spending time with God in different ways. Many people call it a ‘quiet time’, others call it their ‘daily devotions’. I was brought up with […]
  • A Message from Theo Platypus
    Update! Theo has arrived!We need to get used to each other, and Theo needs to find his voice – but we hope he will be ‘helping’ us very soon. Exciting News! There’s going to be a new Platypus arriving sometime next year! And it’s very exciting. I’m supposed to be a puppet, but I was […]
  • What was I Praying?
    Let’s be honest – we all find prayer difficult at some point in our lives, and for many different reasons. If you were like me, you were brought up in a church where great value was placed on how long you prayed for in a morning – to rise early and spend at least 30 […]