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Pondering Platypus Resources

A plush platypus puppet with grey fur and beige beak and flippers. He his wearing a straw trilby hat

Praying & pondering with Theo the platypus (& other friends)

With fun activities the whole family can do, whatever age or ability

Using all sorts of things you may have or find ‘reasonably’ easily

A bubble lamp made from a lacquered metal in rainbow colours

Plus many ideas that can be used in church or children’s work

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Four Glitter sticks crossed over each other. Glitter sticks are long clear plastic tubes filled with tiny colourful beads and glitter stars and shapes. they move up and down the tube as you change their position

A Pondering Place

Depending on whether you went to church or not as a child, and if you did -the ‘flavour’ of church you grew up in, you will view the idea of spending time with God in different ways. Many people call it a ‘quiet time’, others call it their ‘daily devotions’. I was brought up withContinue reading “A Pondering Place”